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Translation Pricing

Basic rates

Most jobs are charged based on the number of Japanese characters to be translated into English, or on the number of English words to be translated into Japanese. Rates may vary depending on various factors, such as the technical level, legibility and format of the source text. Small translations are subject to a minimum charge.

The current rates are as follows:

Type of work Minimum charge
Japanese to English £0.10 per Japanese character £30.00
English to Japanese £0.12 per English word £30.00
Business cards £40 for first card
£20 for each additional card(1)
(Printing not included)
£30 per hour, or as otherwise agreed in advance. £30.00
Graphics editing, HTML coding, etc.(2) £30 per hour, or as otherwise agreed in advance. £30.00
Self-certified translations(3) Add £10


  1. By “additional card”, I mean one that has the same design but different content (same company, different individual).
  2. I don’t normally charge extra for working with graphics except for documents with a high density of graphics requiring translation (e.g., PowerPoint presentations).
  3. A self-certified translation is basically a hard copy of the original and translated documents attached to a signed statement from me to verify its authenticity. You might need one of these for translations of official documents like marriage certificates.
  4. I do not charge V.A.T.

Payment methods

I can accept credit card payments online via PayPal. You can also wire payments directly to my account (details available on request).

Or you can do things the old fashioned way and put a cheque in the post.

Overseas payments

All work is billed in pounds sterling. If you are working in a different currency, you should still be able to transfer funds by wire transfer or PayPal.

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