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Icon font

A Japanese designer called Yūgo Kajiwara (梶原勇吾) of Creative Studio Condense has just released an icon font called CONDENSEicon that looks like it would be quite useful for web application developers and web designers. The font is available in TrueType, OpenType, WOFF and EOT formats, so it can easily be embedded in web pages. Best of all, it’s freeware. Here’s the licence text: 営利、非営利問わず自由に使用できます。但し、再配布は禁止しています。また、使用上のトラブルに関しては、全て無保証とさせていただきます。 And here’s an English translation: This font is free for personal and commercial use, but may not be redistributed. There is absolutely no warranty that use of this font will be error-free.

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Header image: Movie poster for the 1954 Japanese film Godzilla (ゴジラ) by Toho Company Ltd. (東宝株式会社). From Wikimedia Commons.

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