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Here are some recent Japan-related news items from the BBC News website.

Living through Japan’s hottest summer on record

Japan is experiencing record-breaking heat — and summer has hardly begun.

4 days ago

Hello Kitty firm strikes China deal after viral hit

Shares of Japanese company Sanrio rose by almost 14% in Tokyo after the agreement was announced.

4 days ago

Japan swelters in worst heatwave since 1875

Unrelenting temperatures break records for June as officials warn of a looming power shortage.

5 days ago

Japan urges 37 million people to switch off lights

Officials have asked people in Tokyo and its surrounding area to turn off lights amid a heatwave.

7 days ago

Ukraine war: UK joins ban on imports of Russian gold

The move by the UK, US, Canada and Japan will “strike at the heart of Putin’s war machine”, the UK PM says.

About a week ago

USS Samuel B Roberts: World’s deepest shipwreck discovered

The US Navy ship sank off the Philippines during a ferocious WWII battle with the Japanese fleet.

About a week ago

Japanese man loses USB stick with entire city’s personal details

A Japanese worker lost a USB stick containing the data of 460,000 people during a night out.

About a week ago

Toyota recalls electric cars over concerns about loose wheels

The bZ4X is the Japanese motor industry giant’s first mass-produced all-electric vehicle.

About a week ago

Japan: Osaka court rules ban on same-sex marriage constitutional

The ruling is a setback for activists hoping the government will change the country’s marriage law.

2 weeks ago

Takumi Minamino: Liverpool agree £15.5m deal with Monaco for Japan international

Liverpool agree to sell Japan international Takumi Minamino to Monaco in an 18m euros (£15.5m) deal.

2 weeks ago

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