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Domain registration scam

I just received an email from someone called Winni Du at picweb.net regarding the registration of “japanesetranslator” as a brand name. This seemed a bit strange — why should it be any of my business if someone else wants to translate Japanese for a living? And what is this “Asian Domain Registration Service in China”? Isn’t that the responsibility of CNNIC?

A quick search for picweb.net confirmed  my suspicion that this is a scam of some sort. Presumably they want me to cough up “processing fees” to protect this web domain from some imaginary threat. Or perhaps they just want me to visit their website and get my computer infected with the latest virus.

If you receive any similar emails, you can delete them straight away. And don’t visit their website, just in case.

Sorry Winni, but you’re going into the spam filter. Here’s the message in full:

Spam from picweb.biz

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One Response to Domain registration scam

  1. Eliza says:

    Thanks for posting! Got a similar email and glad to find posts that it is a scam.

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