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New website


... and after

Regular visitors might have noticed that this website started looking a bit different this afternoon. Underneath the shiny new exterior, it is now running on the WordPress content management system. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to update the site a little more often than before.

A few things have broken:

The “portfolio” section of the old website has gone away, but I’m planning to reproduce the content of these pages as blog posts, so they will be back here soon.

I’ll also get the site map back online soon.

The sudoku solver tool hasn’t yet been integrated into the new site, but in the meantime I’ve set up a temporary page that you can use instead. The sudoku tool is now available at /home/sudoku-solver/.

Users of older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 might experience a few problems with the new layout. Unfortunately I’m unable to run IE6 on this computer, so it’s difficult to test these things properly. If the site looks completely broken, try using a newer browser instead.

If you can see anything that needs putting right, please add a comment to this post. By the way, if you see a message to the effect that newcomers to the site aren’t allowed to add comments, then take a quick look around the site and come back tomorrow. You should then be able to fill in the comment form. (I know it’s inconvenient but blogs attract a lot of spam.)

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