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Here are some recent Japan-related news items from the BBC News website.

VIDEO: Sole-d: Why Northampton shoes are big in Japan

Around a third of all shoes made in the UK end up in Japan.


Japan and Australia lead Asia losses

Asian shares were ending the week mixed after a lacklustre lead from Wall Street following disappointing economic data.

2 days ago

German cars ‘amongst least reliable’

German cars are amongst the least reliable, and Japanese cars amongst the most dependable, according to an industry survey.

3 days ago

Japan jet scrambles near record high

Japan says it is scrambling fighters at almost Cold War levels in response to foreign aircraft — mainly Russian and Chinese — approaching its airspace.

3 days ago

Toyota ends ban on new investment

Toyota has announced it will end a three-year, self-imposed break from expansion, following massive recalls, to build a new, billion-dollar plant in Mexico.

3 days ago

Street fashion: Tokyo Camera Style

Not every Tokyo photographer has gone digital

3 days ago

Asiana plane skids off Japan runway

Authorities in Japan investigate how an Asiana Airlines flight came to skid off a runway in Hiroshima, injuring at least 20 people.

4 days ago

Shares mostly down in Asia

Shares in Asia were mostly down on Wednesday ahead of the latest GDP figures from China and despite a report upgrading Japan’s growth forecast.

4 days ago

Sharp creates 4K smartphone screen

Japanese display-maker Sharp announces a 4K resolution smartphone screen destined for handsets next year.

4 days ago

Japan court blocks nuclear restart

A Japanese court blocks the restart of two nuclear reactors in the western city of Takahama after locals raise safety concerns.

5 days ago

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